Mrs. Dvorská is qualified, knowledgeable in her field, has a pleasant behavior, explains everything, will advise, therefore I recommend it to anyone who would like to make positive changes with him in this area.
Iva Dankova
I highly recommend the visit to Yves consulting. Iva is a very pleasant and nice woman, the environment of her clinic is cozy. She has enough time for each client and professionally explains what is needed. She answered all my questions, so now I'm curious about the results :)
Helena Urbankova
Ms. Iva is very nice, empathetic, great professional. It can be seen that she enjoys her work and wants to help. I could see the results early.
Ivona Drobna
In the Yves counseling room, I felt very comfortable, cozy atmosphere and very nice approach of Mrs. Iva. She explained everything well to me, and she added good hints and tips not related to the diet, but a healthy way of life.
A professional approach with a dose of empathy taking into account my specific options and intentions. Iva is a nutrition advisor I would definitely recommend. He has a healthy lifestyle in her blood and she is not afraid to openly criticize the client's "shortcomings" and habits and offer a non-violent path to remedy
Petra Mlcochova
Iva has a very pleasant human approach. She can explain in a simple and comprehensible way how my eating style can improve and what it means for my body. So far I feel that thanks to a regular and healthy diet I can manage all day-to-day pitfalls much calmer and I feel a little lighter and cleaner. All you have to do is think about how to lead a life and not to be lazy about doing something. Iva is very motivational. I'm so glad I found the counselor Iva.
I'm so excited about my visit to Mrs. Dvorská today. I went without any recommendation, just by my intuition. And again it did not disappoint me :-) The lady is a woman in the right place, she is very nice, her view of the thing is realistic, natural ... and very close to mine. I definitely recommend her..
Marie Kucharova
I have been following the advice of my nutritionist Iva Dvorská for more than a month. The result is 4 kg less weight, so I am feeling great. After a long time, I am not tired after eating, but on the contrary, I feel the influx of energy and vitality from it. I can warmly recommend it to everyone. A small summary of my efforts under the guidance of my advisor: Now I know that the most important step is to go with full determination to do something with yourself because even the best advisor can't help you unless you really want to accept the changes. The start was quite difficult for me. It wants to change the rhythm of the day and make breakfast in peace. What was my surprise that the result came so early. After a short time, I began to feel significantly better, I no longer feel hungry, nor do I get exhausted. It is an engine and inspiration for me to work on myself. Thank you, Iva.
Jolana Kozakova
Super! Measuring InBody + consultation in a super atmosphere with a friendly counselor who knows what he says!
Otakar Olsanik
Reasonable and feasible advice!
Dana Kosíková
The pleasant lady who is in the right place knows what she is talking about and likes to help.
Lucie J.
Meeting with Iva started editing my eating habits. The changes in my personal diet, which Iva put together for me, were soon reflected in the diet of the whole family. We constantly draw on the advice and recommendations of Iva, even including my dad, and that's really something. To anyone who needs to make this change, I sincerely recommend consulting with Mrs. Iva. You will certainly appreciate her empathetic and open approach to the needs of a particular person. I was very satisfied and left with the feeling that nothing was impossible. I follow your website, your posts, and links to others' posts. Thanks to you I still use your advice on the menu of the whole family. It is a pity that you are "so" far away, but I just want to write that I like to go to your site and say that I get something for myself from each of your posts. It did not bring positive changes only to me but mainly to the whole family. Food composition, fitness for children and so on. I probably appreciate it the most because when I read on the net various articles about "healthy" menus, often it is such nonsense that it can not be used for normal family life.
Petra Mlcochova
I can only highly recommend.
Tereza Hirsova
Great help to my obese son. I have recommended Iva to the doctor who can help in this way to other children. Plus a very pleasant atmosphere, harmonious environment. Thank you very much.
I've lost 15kg in less than 3 months and reduced visceral fat in the abdomen by 30%. But most importantly, I feel much better and have learned to eat properly. The menus were full of goodies and perfectly matched to my needs (6 meals a day, no exercise). I have already recommended YVES Consulting to my friends and would recommend to anyone who wants to feel better and have a more beautiful figure. Arrange your first appointment, where you will learn more about your body and options.
Jan Danek
Cooperation with Mrs. Dvorská was going beyond my expectations. Professional as well as human approach. I was pleased to see that she was following my wishes when preparing the diet. As a result, I have a diet that is healthy, balanced, and tailored to me, because it takes my needs into account. Above all, however, it is sufficiently colorful, so it doesn't get so boring. For example, I personally cannot imagine life without cakes and homemade sweets. Iva showed me how to do it with reason and well. It's a thumb up for me :)
Danuta Szalaiova
I can only highly recommend. My goal was not to lose weight but to adjust my diet to make it healthier and more nutritious, giving me more strength, for example, for sports. I am a vegetarian and no problem. Iva Dvorská met my needs and I am absolutely satisfied with her diet.
M. Jelinek
Communicative, pleasant, professional.
Mrs. Dvorská is in the right place. An expert with knowledge, who can advise and the man leaves with a very good feeling that he has received advice and help. Thank you for our daughter and for us.
Renata Formankova
It suits my natural behavior, not pushing me and not convincing what I should definitely have. Also, setting up a menu is very good for me, because it includes what I was used to and I like. Therefore, I do not have trouble keeping the set rules.
Libuše Veselá
I am 100% satisfied.
Jana Varčevová
The luxury meeting, very helpful, quick feedback, I recommend to all who want to change their life by nutrition: o) I give 100%
Eva Myslivcova
Amazing approach, nice and helpful behavior, and great motivational support. Satisfaction with counseling: 100% Information from the appointment: 100%
She is absolutely amazing, she will give you all the advice and she really gives you her time. I give 100%.
Leona Křepelková
I came to Mrs. Iva because I wanted to lose weight and somehow to handle a diet. I was on maternity leave and I was eating badly, I was addicted to sweet. When the day was without a chocolate bar, I ate what I grabbed. I got a 3-week diet from Mrs. Iva. What it gave me: I learned to eat regularly, the taste of sweet disappeared and the evening overeating and tastes for everything are gone! I lost weight, I feel better and I feel good that I eat regularly and healthy :-). I would like to add some sport like running, for which I have not had time yet, unfortunately. My results in 2.5 months: I had 103.7, now - 73.8 and minus 9 cm through my waist :-) I can only recommend Mrs. Iva.
Amazing approach to clients, very effective advice on how to improve your diet and habits leading to positive changes. Super! 100%
Petr Benovsky
Thanks to her professional approach and advice, I have managed to start and mainly keep and get used to a new lifestyle, which is an integral part of my personality transformation. Loss of fat, gaining muscle mass, faster metabolism ... all goes hand in hand with personal satisfaction. Every meeting with Mrs. Iva is very friendly and always very hard to leave :-) I highly recommend to all.
Pavel Svoboda
Mrs. Iva is just Amazing! :) Not only as a professional in what she does but also as a person. She treats everyone with kindness, friendliness, a smile on her face and incredible positive energy. :) I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you. You are great! :)
Veronika Sticova
A very nice and helpful approach to clients. She was able to uncover my nutritional deficiencies and design and build a functional diet. Satisfaction with counseling: 100% Activity & Care Advisor: 100% Counselor awareness: 100%
Dear and smiling nutritionist, who is a true professional. She can not only advise and motivate, but you feel that she is your friend and you go for coffee :-) Another bonus is that you can see how it really works and you have another joy. So thank you very much and I strongly recommend you to everyone :-)
Marta Nemcova
Satisfaction with counseling: 100% Counseling Activity & Care: 100% Counselor awareness: 100% Summary: I'm very pleased with her, a very nice lady
I would like to thank Ms. Iva for the great change in my life. She showed me how to eat and live healthy To be satisfied. Thank you again, Ivo .. "
Petra Bittner
Satisfaction with counseling: 100% Counseling Activity & Care: 100% Counselor awareness: 100%
I would like to thank you very much for your nutrition plan, to which I returned after 3 years again. We started strictly in February and my husband is now 7 and I am 4 kg less. We no longer hold so strictly, but basically we have changed the way we eat and we like it a lot. Thank you!