Projects (see links)

Overcome yourself

- a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with multiple sclerosis. Nutrition without animal fats and enough vit. D has a crucial role. We visit patients across the country and show them how to improve their health through lectures and cooking. Patron of the project is a great man and actor Radim Fiala.

CEFF (Certified E-Friendly Food) Nutrition without unnecessary chemistry

- the pan-European project focused on better eating of elementary school pupils, seniors in retirement homes and cooking without chemistry in restaurants.

We go to school to do project days, teach pupils how to prepare healthy snacks and give out recipes and small gifts.

The same is happening with seniors, where we add a little exercise against muscle loss.

Restaurants have the opportunity to join the project to get a certificate that their meals do not contain unnecessary chemistry.

Food Revolution Day

- the worldwide project of Jamie Oliver and I am an ambassador. In May 2018, under the auspices of the Mayor of Brno, the first year was held, the topic was obesity in children.

I had the opportunity to invite the populace via Czech TV as you can see here

Through a mini-conference and public appearances, we tried to point out that an obese child would grow into a sick adult. This issue is increasingly pressing, so it is essential that the parents themselves understand the nature of the problem. Only they are responsible for the condition of their child.

Health at work

- a nationwide project focused on companies and their employees. A sedentary, mentally demanding job is a frequent cause of overweight and excessive stress. With our project, we bring "instructions" on how best to eliminate stress, how to compensate sitting all day, how to eat properly, as well as practical demonstrations of breakfasts and measurements on InBody. In several weeks measurements are repeated so that everyone involved can follow their progress.