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Diagnostics with InBody 

I prefer a top InBody device. 

The ratio of muscles - fats, the amount of belly fat, basal metabolism, the amount of water and so on is important here.

The measurement is carried out by direct analysis of segment multi-frequency bioelectric impedance (DSM-BIA method). Impedance means 10 impedance measurements using 2 different frequencies (20 kHz, 100 kHz) on each of the five segments (right arm, left arm, torso, right leg, left leg). Eight point contact electrode system is used for measurement.

Regular measurements on InBody are very motivating, because we see all the changes that take place in the body when changing eating habits or physical activity.

For accurate measurements, I recommend being fasted for at least two hours. Women should not have menses (it distorts the data on the amount of body water).

Always perform the measurement under the same conditions (time of day, physical activity, time after eating, etc.)

A contraindication is a pacemaker.


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