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I lecture for narrow groups of people as well as for the general public. It all depends on a specific agreement. The topic can be anything about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

For example: Main components of food - macronutrients, micronutrients, and their role, drinking regime, stress, diets, energy needs of the individual, detoxification, acid-base balance and acidity of the organism, additives, reading of labels, nutrition myths, eating in non-standard situations - night shifts, what to avoid in food and why, nutrition in sports, nutrition of children, etc.

All lectures can be enriched by measurements on the bio-impedance device InBody, which will show us the body composition - muscles, fats, water, proteins, minerals, visceral fat, metabolism.

My services used eg:

Skoda car Mlada Boleslav - Covid-19 - Prevention and aftercare

Jiří Mahen Library - Why diets don't work

Exhibition Center - Rehaprotex - Rational Nutrition - the main principles - what to avoid and why

Avion shopping park - Seniors in action - block of lectures on high-quality macro and micronutrients and where to find them, measuring, cooking

Telecommunications and IT Companies - Nutrition myths, Rational Nutrition - Main Principles, What to Avoid and Why