Alliance of Nutrition Counsellors of the Czech Republic (see red links)

I am The authorized person for the professional qualification Nutrition Specialist, a member of the Alliance of nutrition specialists.

We all have the same goal. To eliminate dilettantes from the nutritional world, to enforce Nutritional Counseling as a TIED TRADE, to have a quality education system and to work with doctors and other professionals.

The Alliance of Nutrition Consultants of the Czech Republic has come a long way. We have already succeeded in enforcing a unified state exam (high school diploma). Currently, this is the highest possible education for nutritionists (PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION).

Help us spread a good cause. Choose only those professionals who offer QUALITY NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING. You can find them on the Alliance website.
The Alliance is here for you ❤️.

The Alliance was established in 2006 to bring together nutritional counsellors with the necessary qualification and education. We try to ensure that the Nutrition Counselling becomes the bounded trade and that we work effectively with doctors and nutritional therapists. The aim is to make the Alliance a vocational organization backing the qualified professionals.

We have been already succeeded in the implementation of state examination - professional qualification Nutrition Counsellor, which is classified as state graduation and will be necessary for the trade. It was registered by the National Institute for Education in February 2019. The examiner is an authorized person registered by the authorization body of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

The Nutrition Counsellor who has passed this exam is listed in the Qualified Members section of the Alliance. You can see other Counsellors here.

Every year the Alliance organizes conferences and seminars for all those interested in nutrition, in our calendar you can also find conferences, seminars and courses organized throughout the Czech Republic.