Nutrition is my passion. My activity expresses love for this field.

I teach nutrition counselors, but I also like to enrich the general public through lectures, discussions, etc. Individuals and entire companies are welcome.

My mission is to spread health, to direct you to vitality, energy and confidence. With love and humility.

We live in a physical body that needs care. The most important piece of physical health is nutrition. Others are undoubtedly movement and psychohygiene.

The vast majority of illnesses, as well as overweight and obesity, arise from a lack of perception of the basic needs of our body - nutrition, exercise and well-being.

Food builds our body, gives us energy, foods may cure. Equally, they can destroy human health. If we don't understand properly what is the main point of nutrition, we can harm ourselves by toxins in foods. This leads to illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid disorders, gout, indigestion, stomach ulcers, headaches, depression, insomnia, lower appetite for sex, etc.

If you have decided that you want to improve your life and learn good nutrition, then this website is intended for you!

My goal is to work with you, monitor your results, rejoice in your success. I will support you through the program. I offer a helping hand to achieve your goal.

My activities:

Individual counseling (even in your homes or businesses):

- Nutritional recommendations, contexts, what to supplement and why, how diseases of civilization arise - inflammation, their prevention and solution.

I teach:

- The Institute of Healthy Life Welko - Accredited courses - Nutrition and Health Promotion and Prevention, Compilation of Nutritional Plans

- School of Holistic and Natural Medicine Kamaté - Accredited courses - Nutrition and Health Promotion and Prevention, Compilation of Nutritional Plans


- For the Alliance of Nutrition Consultants, but also for companies and the general public

5. As an authorized person, I am on the examination board for state exams of the professional qualification Nutrition Specialist

Do not hesitate to start in here to reach your goal.