Price list 

Personal consultation                                                                                                                    800 CZK /hour

Complex body analysis on InBody including the consultation                                             800 CZK /hour

Measurement on InBody without interpretation of results                                                  500 CZK

Individual menus in English                                                                                                         390 CZK /day

                                                                                                                                                         2.600 CZK /week

The menu can be created for any length of time (max. 4 weeks).

If you have your InBody output, a personal consultation is not required.

Exact analysis of eating habits, energy graph, analysis of macronutrients,


A personal consultation is not required.                                                                                2.600 CZK /week

Lectures, private lessons, and preparation for tests in the field of nutrition         from 800 CZK /hour

Gift vouchers of your choice                                                                                               from 800 CZK

Choose the payment method that suits you. I accept cash as well as payment cards. You can also use a bank account for the transfer money.