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I am providing also MOBILE counselling right in the comfort of your home or the office! Including the measuring on INBODY. I will show you the WAY TO HEALTH AND SLIMNESS, we will discuss foods do not belong in the refrigerator, I will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition and eating.

The initial consultation reveals why you can't lose weight, why you gain weight, why you lose muscle, why you suffer from a lack of energy, or why you have a slower metabolism. By analyzing eating habits, we find out whether your diet is sufficient or not, both in terms of energy and nutrition. We will evaluate your physical daily activities, work activity and stress, which we will integrate with your body analysis (by InBody) into calculating your daily energy needs.

Discover Your Vitality, Energy and Self-confidence!

The best investment is investing in ourselves, there's nothing more valuable than our own health!

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Diagnostics with InBody 

I will measure you on the great machine InBody. I can accurately determine how much muscle mass, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, body water are in each part of your body. I also get information about your basal metabolism, the number of proteins, minerals, BMI, WHR. All of this is very important for setting up an effective individual diet plan.

The measurement is carried out by direct analysis of segment multi-frequency bioelectric impedance (DSM-BIA method). Impedance means 10 impedance measurements using 2 different frequencies (20 kHz, 100 kHz) on each of the five segments (right arm, left arm, torso, right leg, left leg). Eight point contact electrode system is used for measurement.

InBody is an invaluable aid in determining the effectiveness and compliance of the reduction regime or just adjusting meals and increasing physical activity. I can find out if a person loses muscle or vice versa if he reduces fats and the muscle mass ratio increases. No classical weight can show this to anyone.  

Regular InBody examinations are very motivating because we see all the changes that occur in the body when eating habits change and physical activity increases.

I can also measure pregnant women from the seventh week of pregnancy to birth without any problems.

It is recommended not to eat two hours before the measurement. Women should not have menses (distortion of body water data).

A contraindication is a pacemaker.


Your menu = Your health

I will create an individual menu for you:

Based on the results from InBody and the interview with you, I will make a menu according to your daily energy need and your wishes. I take into consideration the food you prefer as well as the foods you don't like. I take into account how much time you have for the preparation, how many times a day you eat, if you eat in restaurants, what your physical activity, stress, etc. I always follow the efficient ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. I will adjust the energy values of each meal according to your current need.

I greatly follow simple and tasty recipes.

I will monitor all changes on InBody regularly.

The vegetarian or gluten-free diet is not a problem either.


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